Makeruna! Makendo

Makeruna! Makendou title screen
Japan    USA
Japanese Name: 負けるな!魔剣道 (Makeruna! Makendo)
USA Name: Kendo Rage
Developer: Affect
  • (JP) Datam Polystar
  • (US) Seta U.S.A.
  • (JP) SNES - Jan 22, 1993 - SHVC-M7
  • (US) SNES - Oct 1993 - SNS-M7

Makeruna! Makendo is the first game in the franchise. This is the game were everything is introduced for the first time.

Mai Tsurugino is hired by the spirit detective, Doro, to fight against monsters in the real world. To help her on this, he lends Mai a special item that lets her transform and use magical kendo power. The US version of the game has a completely altered story which is explained in the differences section and is not canon.

The game is a 2D action/platformer in which you control Mai and have to clear 7 stages. It also has a time limit based on the game's world clock, which starts at 4:00 AM and advances a minute every 6 seconds. Mai needs to get to school before 9:00 AM, so the ending will change depending if you can clear the game before this time or not.