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Makenro Challenge

The original Makenro battle in Makeruna! Makendou / Kendo Rage.

Makenro Challenge is a fangame developed by NovaFan games in which you relive the battle against Makenro from the first Makeruna! Makendou game, except this time it's about surviving the longest time possible to get the highest score amongst your friends and people around the world. The game is currently being developed for this site and Facebook. Future consoles may also be announced at a later date.

There's also plans to include a few other extra modes after the initial release of the game, in additon to the main one already explained above, like a mode in which what is counted for score is the amount of hits you did to Makenro.

Currently, the game is in early stages of development. This page keep updated with any of the latest information of the game.

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